Customer Contribution: Our customer Kirol feels the strength of Dia. 32mm Pot Magnets

Motorcycle Tank Bags, nifty bag with magnetic flaps designed to attach on to a motorcycle tank. Neat and fast way to secure the bag without any straps, works fine when the bag is empty or lightly loaded. Pack in more stuff and most riders realized that the bags original magnets aren’t as strong and secure as they hope it would be, especially after riding some distance, it began to slip… the situation gets worst on a raining day.

That is when Kirol first came across Titan Magnetics Dia.30mm Steel Cladded Office Magnet and decided to give it a try. He totally removed the 4 original magnets that came with the tank bag and inserted 4pcs of Dia. 30mm steel cladded magnets. He felt the improved grip of the dia. 30mm steel cladded magnets but wanted to see if there are other alternatives as his was a large sized tank bag.

We recommended our Dia. 32mm Pot Magnets that also had a steel capping so that the magnetic pull force is only strong on the exposed side. The steel capping serves 3 purposes, one – not only does it reduces the magnetic field from damaging things that are sensitive to magnetic field like cash card, credit cards with magnetic strips, two – it also increases the magnetic strength on the exposed side attached to the tank and three – it greatly protects the brittle neodymium magnet from breakages.

Pot Magnet Dia. 32mm for Motorcycle Tank Bag

Fully Loaded Tank Bag-Using Titan Magnetics Dia. 32mm Pot Magnet

After putting in the Dia. 32mm pot magnets, Kirol was certain that these magnets are up to the task of holding the heavy bag securely in place! The strength was noticeably stronger than the dia. 30mm steel cladded magnets and definitely way stronger than the original magnets that came with the tank bag.

Thank you Kirol for sharing with us this solution : )
Safe Riding!

Another Titan Magnetics Happy Customer!  😀

Kirol -Titan Magnetics Happy Customer