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Magnetic Clasps for Bag Purse Small 14mm dia x 4mm – 2 sets/pack


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2 Sets = 2 pairs of clasps and four washers.
Each set comprises of 1 pair of clasps and two washers.
The concave side of clasp is magnetic, while the protruding side of the clasp is ferrous metal.

Interlocking design ensure magnetic clasps will not slide open, makes it ideal for fabric closure as it is easy to open by pulling apart.
The pair of clasp will snap together when brought faced close together.

Suitable for:
– Handbags
– Fabric craft project
– Add on to home-made tote bags
– Closure for small pouch or purse
– School project
– Scrap-booking
– Replacement for damaged/broken clasp

Magnetic Clasps Usage Guide:
– Mark clasps positions on both sides of opening
– Position the washer centre hole on marking
– Using washer as a template, mark the 2 slit positions
– Make 2 small slits on fabric for the fang of the clasp to go thru
– Position the clasp fangs through the slits
– Place a washer  thru the metal fangs to sandwich the fabric between clasp and washer
– Use a pair of pliers or finger to firmly bend the fangs to secure washer to fabric

Repeat the steps for the other clasp.

Diameter of round magnetic clasp is 14mm.
Thickness of exposed magnetic side of clasp is 4mm.
Thickness of exposed metal plate side of clasp is 1mm.

Pack contains 2 Sets of Clasps. (allows you to make 2 magnetic closure.)

Magnet Warning Extremely Powerful Magnets - Keep away from children