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Magnetic Periscope Phone Camera Lens for iPhone, iPad, S3, S4, S5, Tablets


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Magnetic Periscope lens for taking pictures from various angles easily.
Magnetic Periscope Phone Camera Lens for iPhones, Samsung, Tablets, iPad.

This universal magnetic detachable periscope camera lens comes with 3 slim adhesive metal rings allows you to install it on your phone, tablets and even desktop computers!

Stick the metal ring on your mobile phones or tablets and simply attach the magnetic periscope camera lens to take photos at a 90° angle.  Lens with built-in magnet snap easily to your phone enables the lens to be rotated freely 360° .

Rotate 360 camera phone magnetic lens

Periscope camera lens for pets

Perfect for:
– Low angle shots of your lovely pets
– Floor angle view
– High angle shots of tall buildings
– Over wall or fences shots
– Through the gates/fences perpendicular views
– Place on the edge of table for convenient group shots

90 deg Phone camera lens

Magnetic Periscopic Lens 90deg View

Periscope lens for taking pictures from multi-angle easily.

Small, lightweight and extremely portable. Easy to install, attach and remove, no fumbling with big, ugly and clumsy clips. Just snap on to take photos and slide off to remove.

Compatible with most mobile phones with outer diameter of  camera within 13mm.

3 pcs of Metal O-rings with peel and use self-adhesive for easy first time installation.

The universal slim metal ring can be left on your phone.

Magnetic Periscope Len for Phone Camera

Will it fit my Phone/Tablet/Computer?
If your device camera can fit any of the stick on “O” rings of the following diameters, it should work:

1 x “O” Rings : Outer diameter: 12.8mm, Inner diameter: 9.5mm

2 x “O” Rings : Outer diameter: 12.8mm, Inner diameter: 8.5mm

Package consist of:
– 1pcs 90° Magnetic Periscope Lens
– 2pcs of Adhesive Metal Rings with cutout for iPhone with LED (Can be used universally on most phones)
– 1pcs of Adhesive Metal O-Ring