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QuikCloth – Magnetic Towel with QuikBase Value Set


This product is entitled to bulk discount:
2 Sets - 5%
5 Sets - 10%
10 Sets - 15%
20 Sets - 20% If you wish to have mixed colours, first choose a colour from the dropdown. Next, indicate the quantity for each of your preferred colours in the note during checkout. Default decorative design for QuikBase is Walnut Wood Vinyl.


QuikCloth – Magnetic Towel with QuikBase Value Set

QuikCloth Magnetic Towel is a Microfiber cloth with built-in magnets.

QuikBase is a Decorative Metal Base plate with Peel-n-Use Self-Adhesive on 1 side. It allows the use of magnetic product on convenient spot of your choice even if it is non-metal.

The special magnetic corner of QuikCloth paired with QuikBase makes it a really handy, practical and convenient time saver!

QuikCloth with QuikBase in kitchen

QuikCloth on QuikBase just below kitchen work top

QuikCloth Magnetic Towel for dish drying

QuikBase conveniently located next to kitchen sink


Just attach QuikCloth to the side of fridge, metal cabinets, metal handles or metal doors. No hooks or loops required!

Use a different coloured QuikCloth for specific purpose, eg.
– one for drying hands
– one for drying dishes
– one for wiping table/kitchen tops


QuikCloth on fridge

Magnetic Towel on Fridge

Wet or Dry, QuikCloth comply...

QuikCloth uses built-in neodymium magnets to attach itself to any ferrous metal surfaces. This enable QuikCloth to “Hang” on to your fridge door even when it’s wet. Shown here a dry orange colour QuikCloth and a wet blue colour QuikCloth drying off after being rinsed and tossed to the fridge.

Powerful magnets means QuikCloth sticks to your fridge even when damp (not dripping wet).

Simply rinse QuikCloth in kitchen sink and wring out excess water, ensure to wring out as much water as possible.
Grab QuikCloth by the magnetic corner and toss it towards your metal surface of choice. It will stick to it (a little sliding may occur depending on the metal surface and how wet the cloth is)

Magnetic Cloth Kitchen Helper


  • Simple and Easy to use – No Hooks or Loops required!
  • Quick and Convenient – Just throw it (magnetic corner first) towards your fridge after use and it will dutifully stick, waiting for your next use.
  • Fast drying and Hygienic – A hung kitchen towel dries faster than one lying on the kitchen top, reducing the growth of bacterial.
  • Neat and Organized – You’ll always know where QuikCloth is as it will stick in plain sight

View of microfiber both sides

QuikCloth Magnetic Towel Suggested Usage:

Office pantry area – keep 1-2 QuikCloth handy, great as tossing game during tea-breaks
Restaurants Kitchen – Improves Productivity
Home Kitchen – A must for every modern kitchen
Car Boot – Best use for QuikCloth as it sticks to the top of boot door wet or dry
White Board – If you ever need to clean a big area in a hurry
Garage – Stick to the vehicle you are working on

What if the spot that I wish to use QuikCloth for all its convenience is not a metal surface?

Yes, some of the best or most convenient places like besides the window, along the height of kitchen work tops, just outside the toilet or next to the kitchen sink may not have metal surface.

That’s when QuikBase is perfect for the exact spot you wish to snap QuikCloth.

QuikCloth together with QuikBase provides the convenience and simplicity of a modern kitchen, without the dangerous and obtrusive metal hooks that so often gets in the way or get caught with parts of your apron or clothings.

QuikCloth with QuikBase Set

QuikCloth magnetic towel and base set


Magnetic QuikCloth attached to washing machine

Magnetic QuikCloth attached to side of washing machine.

Very Easy, Convenient and Practical indeed!


While QuikCloth maybe convenient and fun, be aware of the risks and dangers as with all innovative products and use it with responsibility and care.

  • QuikCloth and Sharp objects like scissors and knifes don’t belongs together!
  • Do not attach QuikCloth to magnetic knife holders, knifes, metal utensils, small or movable metal racks, sharp objects, loose metal objects as grabbing it might cause the attached metal object to be flung at great speed causing harm, injury or damage!
  • Do not attach QuikCloth to hot oven as temperature above 80°c will demagnetise the magnet in QuikCloth
  • Do not attach QuikCloth (or any other cloth) near fire or heat source where there are possible risk of catching fire.
  • Do not toss QuikCloth (or any hard objects) at person or pets as the magnet inside QuikCloth is a hard object.
  • Do not toss QuikCloth at machine with moving/spinning motors or parts, eg Fan, Compressors, Cooker Hood, Food Mixer, Washing Machines etc.

Simply toss it on to any ferrous metal surface or attach it to a QuikBase!

Basic set includes: 1pcs of Magnetic QuikCloth with 1 pcs QuikBase Decorative Metal Base plate (Non-Magnet).

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