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Metal Strip Black 19mm x 0.6mm Magnet Base – Not Magnet!


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19mm Wide Black Metal Strips for use as a magnet base or to attach magnets to. (Metal Strips itself is Not a Magnet!)

These 19mm wide by 0.6mm thin bendable metal strips are useful for installing to the edges of bookshelves, wall, underside of shelving, closet and anywhere you wish to use magnets, as a base for magnets.

Both of the metal strips front and back surfaces are painted black to provide basic protection against rust but it is not recommended for use in places of high humidity or constant exposure to  water.

You can install it using double sided adhesive tape or screws (both not included) to non-metal surfaces so that magnets can be attached. These ferrous metal strips are not magnets. It is able to attract magnets and is useful in cases where you need a surface which can attract magnets to attach notes or light weight objects using neodymium magnets.

Metal Base Strips Attach Magnets and Objects
Light weight objects attached to metal strips using magnets of various sizes (magnets are sold separately)

19mm Metal Strips-Magnet Base
Close up view of metal strip

Magnets attached to metal strips
Various types of magnets attached to metal strip (magnets are sold separately)

coins attached with magnets on steel strip
Coins attached to metal strip using magnets

magnet metal bridge
2 metal strips attached together using Dia. 5x10mm magnets (magnets are not included)

Thin Metal Base for Magnets
Metal strips may have some scratches that occurs during handling and cutting, not for fussy buyers.


Can I cut the metal strips using regular scissors?
No, although each metal strips is just 0.6mm thin, it is not easy to cut using a regular scissor.
You will need a pair of metal snips to cut across the 19mm width of metal strips, but cutting length wise is not recommended.

Are the metal strips flexible?
Yes, you can flex or bend the metal strips in 1 plane. eg, if you have a round pillar, you can install the metal strips horizontally along the diameter of the pillar. Good quality double sided adhesive or preferably screws may be required to hold the bent metal strips in place.

Do the metal strips comes with double sided adhesive tape or screws?
No, the metal strips are without double sided adhesive or screws. If you intend to use screws, you need to drill holes on the metal strips.
If you are using double sided adhesive, make sure to clean the surface for better adhesion.

What can I hang on these metal strips?
Papers, notes, cardboard, key ring, papers with paper clips attached to magnets are fine, but do not use our popular Dia. 36mm Hook Magnets on these metal strips and expect it to hold 8kg of weight. The 0.6mm thin metal strips does not provide sufficient thickness to attach heavy objects with neodymium magnets. Magnetic pull force increases with the thickness of ferrous metal.

Can I stack 2 or more pieces of these metal strips to increase the strength of magnets?
Yes, stacking 2 of these thin metal strips can increase the pull force of magnets attached to it.

Available in pre-cut lengths of 30cm (3 pieces) or 50cm (2 pieces).

Metal Strips 19mm measurements

Diagram of 19mm Metal Strip Base for magnets

Width: 19mm
Thickness: 0.6mm
Length: 30cm or 50cm
Material: Ferrous Metal
Colour: Black

Metal Strips Sets options - Titan Magnetics

1 Set contains :
– 3 pieces of 30cm metal strips (3x30cm=90cm)
– 2 pieces of 50cm metal strips (2x50cm=100cm)

– All photos are for illustration purposes only, this metal strips set Does NOT come with magnets and metal strips are NOT Magnets!
– Metal strips may have some minor paint scratches, not for fussy buyers.
– All magnets sold separately

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Metal Length

30cm x 3pcs, 50cm x 2pcs