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Magnetic Paint 250ml – Magnetic Receptive Paint


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Magnetic Paint 250ml – Turn any walls into a magnetic receptive surface! 🧲
Titan Magnetics – Magnetiveâ„¢ Paint is the interior wall paint that transform plain, boring walls in to Wowsome Walls!

The power to attract magnets and tons of Wowsome attention!

Now in sample trial size of 250ml! 🥫
Or get the 1litre Magnetic Paint here

Titan Magnetics Magnetive Paint is a special type of paint that contains iron ferromagnetic materials. When applied to a surface, it allows that surface to attract magnets. This is a useful feature for a wide range of applications, such as creating a magnetic bulletin board or displaying artwork or decoration using magnets.

Magnetic paint allows you to turn most surfaces into a magnetic one, simply by applying the paint. Especially useful on curved or round pillar or if you don’t have the option to install a traditional magnetic board and wish to create a more flexible and customizable solution.

Mother Daughter magnetic painting wall

Magnetic Painted Wall of Classroom Science Solutions Learning Center

The unique magnetic receptive properties of Magnetiveâ„¢ Paint attracts magnets and loads of attention!

Magnetic Painted Wall Decorative

Dynamic Wall Paint Feature Wall Wowsome Wall

Magnetive Paint ferrous paint

Magnetic decorative wall emulsion paint waterbased

Matt Black Magnetic Receptive Wall Paint Titan Magnetics

A magnetic wall can make decorating for any special occasions so much easier, neater and fun!
Ideas for Magnetic Painted Wall
Magnetic Paint Wall Decorations - Titan Magnetics

Transform boring walls into a center of activities, fun, and conversations. Convert annoying round pillars or square columns into attractive, fun and useful features such as photo wall, game board, message board, promotions and samples display. Even fast changing seasonal decorations, promotional displays or message poses no problem with a wall that simply requires no double-sided tapes, velcros, pins, screws or nails.

Magnetiveâ„¢ Paint together with Titan Magnetics range of magnets propels your decorative projects to the next level of ingenuity and creativity.

An innovative way to turbocharge fun, productivity, and energy in any indoor area!

A wall with Magnetiveâ„¢ Paint has no limits!

Magnetic Painted wall with objects

Tips and Recommendations:
Magnetic Whiteboard with Magnetic Backing

Our new Flexible Magnetic Whiteboard with Magnetic Base works beautifully with wall painted with magnetic paint. You can simply attach the flexible whiteboard with magnetic backing on to your magnetic receptive wall and get an instant whiteboard for creative or educational use!

Magnetic Inkjet Papers A4 size
The ideal magnetic base paint to use with Magnetic Inkjet Paper A4 size, print your own photos, planner, labels, calendar, magnetic name cards, and seasonal decorations.
Leaves no holes or sticky residual marks on the wall no matter how many times you attach, reposition and detach your decorations!
Simply the power to decorate and change as you wish.

Flexible Magnetic Tapes
Besides our magnetic printable sheets, if you have some existing cards or photos to add to your magnetic painted wall, you can simply paste our flexible magnets with 3M adhesive to the back of your cards and attach it to the magnetic painted surface. For attaching normal A4 sizes drawings or papers, use our trusty Large Pin Magnets.

once you have a section of magnetic receptive painted walls, there are many possibilities and endless fun!  😎

Magnetic Whiteboard Sheet Usage with Magnetic Painted Wall
Above: Even a small section of magnetic painted wall can be useful for attaching our flexible magnetic whiteboard!
Our flexible magnetic whiteboard with magnetic backing is really a sheet of magnet that can attach to metal surfaces or magnetic painted walls!
(We also have another type of flexible magnetic whiteboard with an adhesive base, the surface is magnetic receptive… meaning magnets can attach to it but the whiteboard itself doesn’t have magnetic power)


Design Students Magnetic Wall Paint Ideas
Explore different shapes with magnetic paint, I say… magnetic area doesn’t have to be square! You can paint any shapes you want.. eg. Speech bubbles, Heart shape, Cloud shape etc. 😉 

Truth about Magnetic Paint
– Easy application
– Small or large areas applicable
– Any shapes and size is possible
– Works on flat, curved or odd angle surfaces
– Blends in with interior easily
– Totally flat with no protrusion
– Can be practically invisible when cover with top coats (optional)
– Safe to use with no interference with electronics
– Cost-effective
– Novel and refreshing way of display

– Magnetic receptive strength is relatively weak compared to metal sheets
– Holds only lightweight and flat material eg. cards, papers (3 coats)
(Although you can increase the magnet receptive strength by adding more coats of magnetic paint)
– Ferrous iron substance usually settles at the bottom during storage. Hence, require a few minutes of stirring before painting.
(Some users feedback that attaching a stirrer to a power drill makes stirring much easier)


Titan Magnetics Magnetive™ Paint in our new plastic tub containers are lightweight, rustproof and easy to open and close.
Our twist open cover with an inner lid is a no-mess alternative to traditional tin canned paint that is a hassle to open and close with a screwdriver.

– Water Based (Clean spills with wet cloth)
– VOC Free
– Non-Toxic
– Lead Free
– Low-Odor
– EN71 Standard Compliant

Specifications and Details:
Substance colour:  Matt Black (Very Dark Grey)
Volume: 250ml (0.25 Litre)
Carton Size: 13 x 13 x 15cm
Gross Weight: Appx 600g
Packaging: 1 Tin

Approximately 0.5m2 per liter (3 coats)

Drying Time:
For a film of 30 micrometers at temperature of 25°C- 30°C
Touch Dry: 30 Minutes
Hard Dry: 2 Hours

Recommended Number of Coats:
3 or more coats of Magnetiveâ„¢ Paint (If covering up with 2 top coats of normal wall paint)
4 or more coats of Magnetiveâ„¢ Paint (If using wallpaper)

Note: You can paint over magnetic paint with any wall paint colours of your choice after the magnetic paint is completely dry.

250ml Magnetic Paint Magnet receptive Titan Magnetics

Magnetic Paint available in Singapore with ready stocks!
This means you can order and have it delivered within 2-3 working days 🙂

– What are the available colours of Titan Magnetics Magnetic Paint?
Titan Magnetics Magnetic Paint is only available in black (or very dark grey), after you have painted the desired number of coatings to get the magnetic receptiveness required, you can paint over the magnetic paint with any topcoat colour of your choice to blend in with your interior or existing wall colour. You can also use it as it is, a visible dark grey area so you will know exactly the magnetic area on your wall.

Also available in 1litre tub!
Magnetive Paint 1litre – Titan Magnetics


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