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Decorative Vintage Metal Car Plate with 4pcs Neodymium Magnets


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Decorative Vintage Metal Car Plate – Metal Base for Magnets

Novelty decorative vintage metal car plate is made of light weight tin sheet with 4pcs of neodymium magnets (4pcs of Dia. 12 x 3mm)

Vintage Car Plate metal base for magnets

Decorative Metal Base for Magnets

Magnet Metal Bases

3 different methods of installing it:
1) Easiest Method (If installing/displaying on metal surfaces for purely decorative purpose as shown above)
Attach the 4pcs of Dia. 12 x 3mm neodymium magnets to the back of the decorative vintage car plate and attach it to any ferrous metal surfaces! : )
(Actually, you only need one piece of Dia. 12 x 3mm neodymium magnet to hold this thin, light weight decorative car plate.)

2) Use 2-3 strips of good quality double sided adhesive foam tape to mount on any flat surfaces such as glass, wood, plastic, aluminium, concrete etc.
You can use the 4pcs of neodymium magnets to attach notes, photos, recipes to the front of the decorative vintage car plate. As these neodymium magnets are very strong, it may cause scratches to the printed face of the vintage car plate when you slide them across the face.

3) If you prefer it to be very firmly installed, this vintage car plate has 4 holes for bolt or screws. Just be careful not to over tighten to prevent damaging the thin metal of this decorative car plate.

Many different uses:
– As a simply decorative vintage car plate, it creates a hip and retro feel to any space.
– Install it in your office cubicle as a hip and handy spot to attach notes, photos or even stationery like stapler, paper clips etc. using magnets
– Install it in kitchen or pantry area as a metal base to attach menu, grocery list, recipes and etc.
– Install in dormitory wall to magnetically hang your key (via key ring), usb cables, photos etc.
– Install in TV rooms to attach different remote controls with the help of block neodymium magnets or adhesive block magnets
– In fact, you can install it just about anywhere you want as a metal base to take advantage of the convenience and speed of magnets!

– Our small pin office magnet is the ideal companion for this decorative metal plate as it has a thumb grip to pry it off the surface without sliding it across, hence reduces the chances of scratching.
– You can also use some Dia. 5mm sphere magnets to “pin” photos to this base plate.
– If you want a complete look of having 4 bolts on the car plate but attaching on metal surface without drilling holes, check out our block countersunk neodymium magnets.
– If you wish to hang slightly heavier small objects on this decorative car plate, use the large pin office magnet.
– If you want to hang very heavy objects, check out our large hook magnet dia. 36mm, but the thin metal of this decorative car plate does not have the ideal thickness to harness the full potential of the large hook magnet, further more, the hook will very likely cause scratches, dent or bending on the thin metal base.

Available in a range of decorative designs, limited quantities available.
Actual colour and texture will differ slight from screen image.

Decorative Vintage Metal Car Plate Metal Base itself is not a magnet!
Size: Appx. 305mm x 155mm

Picture below showing the use of different types of magnets that can be used this vintage car plate metal base.
Nice and useful if you do not have metal wall or door to enjoy the convenience of magnets.
Back of the metal base showing 4pcs of Dia. 12x3mm removable neodymium magnets, ideal for attaching to metal surfaces.

Decorative Vintage Metal Car Plate Use Magnets Front-Back

Contains 1 pcs of Decorative Vintage Car Plate Metal Base 305mm x 155mm + 4pcs Dia. 12mm x 3mm Neodymium Magnets.
Note: Red, black and white small pin magnets used on the front of metal plate sold separately.  4pcs included are disc type neodymium magnets Dia. 12 x 3mm.

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Car Plate Design

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