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Neohedron Magnetic Builder Set


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Neohedron™ Magnetic Builder Set – by Titan Magnetics™

Unleash your creativity with Titan Magnetics Neohedron™ Builder Set

This pocket size magnetic builder set is great both as a desktop puzzle and for display.
Displaying a completed complex 3D Stella Octangula model using the full 36 shafts of neodymium magnets on your desk instantly makes you feel and look smarter!
No joke, just ask any of your guest or customer and they’ll say so too 😀
(Don’t worry, there is a step-by-step guide inside)

Neohedron - Magnetic Builder Set

– High Performance Neodymium Magnets to build 2D or 3D object
– Shapes like tetrahedron or even icosahedron comes alive
– Create 3D sculptures, puzzles or jewellery with movable parts
– Explore and experiment with magnetic fields and polarity
– Educational, Brain Stimulation and Fascinating Stress Reliever
– Build, Experiment, Admire and Ponder the wonder of geometrical shapes

Practical yet Intriguing gift with endless delights
Stretch your imagination!

Neohedron Magnetic tetrahedron Magnetic Stella Octangula Sculpture by Titan Magnetics Neohedron Double Tent Magnetic Structure Titan Magnetics - Pyramid Shape from magnets and steel balls Neohedron 2D Magnetic Star Neohedron Square Pyramid Neohedron Magnetic Octahedron by Titan Magnetics

What’s inside:
36pcs of Neodymium Rod Magnet with 28pcs Steel balls + velvet pouch in a tin case.

Tips: Use the back of tin container as a metal base build structures.