Hook Magnet Neodymium – 32mm Dia


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Neodymium Hook Magnets are ultra strong magnets set within a metal “pot” casing with a threaded hook attached.

This Dia. 32mm Hook Magnet is out of stocks, please see our new improved Dia.36mm Neodymium Hook Magnets instead

Neodymium Hook Magnets Holds 12kg

Neodymium Hook Magnets Holds 12kg – Photo are for illustration only and not as a recommendation. Use responsibly and with care.

Suitable for hanging curtains or door streamers. simply attach 2 pieces of neodymium hook magnets to top of metal door frames and load your curtains. No drilling of holes or screwing of tension pole required.

Great for hanging non-fragile festive decorations to door frames and metal parts of ceiling lights too.

When the celebrations is over, simply remove hook magnets without leaving unsightly holes from drills or sticky residues from using double sided adhesive.

Home use: hang potted plants, tools, cooking pots and pans, curtain tassels hook, door latch, rubbish or laundry bag latch and many more possibilities.

Industrial use: Holds up canvas cover with eyelets, anchor point for ropes, holds banners or canopy, hang displays, hang temporary signages, hold dangling ceiling wires etc.


Horizontal Pull Force up to 19kg (Parallel to the ground, eg. attach hook magnet to a metal ceiling it can hold a stable weight of up to 19kg)

Note: Magnet direct (upside down) pull force is strongest, Vertical (side ways) strength is significantly lower (may slide).

Diameter of pot base: 32mm

Magnet Warning Extremely Powerful Magnets - Keep away from children

Hook Magnet Warning

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