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Adhesive Block Neodymium Magnets – 20 x 10 x 1mm, 20pcs Value Pack


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QuikTab Adhesive Block Neodymium Magnets  – 20 x 10 x 1mm, N35 20 pcs Value Pack
(10 facing pairs in bulk package)

Adhesive Block Super Strong Magnets 20x10x1mm Pair


These flat block medium sized Neodymium magnets (rare earth magnets)  provides good holding strength for moderate weight objects.

Great for flat objects with large surface area.

Super strong magnets with 3M Peel-n-Use adhesive on one side of magnet, you can use on any flat, smooth and hard surfaces eg, plastic, wood, aluminium.

They can also be used individually on refrigerator and magnetic white board or any ferrous metal surfaces.

AdhesiveBlock-Size10mmx20mm AdhesiveBlock-Size20x10x1mm Rare Earth Magnets with 3M adhesive 1mm

Model: AM-20x10x1
Type: Neodymium with 3M Peel and Use Adhesive
Plating: Nickel (Ni-Cu-Ni)
Operating Temperature: Max. 80 ° C.

1 Value Pack contains 20 pieces of QuikTab adhesive block magnets. (10 Pairs)

Magnet Warning Extremely Powerful Magnets - Keep away from children

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