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Magnetic Pickup Separator Tool 6kg Load


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Magnetic pickup tool makes light work of separation and pick up of small metal parts and scrap metals in seconds.

Magnetic pickup iron grabber with discharger

Light weight and handy one-hand operation means you can get more work done in less time. Simply hover this magnetic grabber within approximately 25mm (depending on the shape and size) of your target and feel the magnetic force magically attract all ferrous objects like nails, bolts, nuts, screws, scrape metal, swarf and ferrous particles to the 132mm diameter base of this magnetic grabber.

Save your skin, effort and time, no more picking up metal contents with your bare hands anymore, the ease and convenience of this magnetic pick-up tool save you from potential cuts that sharp and pointed metal parts poses. And with a single pull of the discharging handle, your collected metal load is instantly dislodged into a tray or container, leaving the magnetic pickup tool ready to grab the next ferrous load. The built in discharger is essential as it allows you to work gloves-free because your bare hands does not need to come in contact with any metal parts, allowing you to do other dedicate task where normally a gloved hand just can’t do.

This tool can pick up ferrous load of up to 6kg depending on the shape and size of the load.

Magnetic Pickup Lifter Separator Max Load 6kg

It is also useful as a ferrous metal separator to quickly separate ferrous metal from no ferrous content.

Magnetic Separator Portable Dia 132mm

Diameter of base 13.2cm
Overall Height: 24.5cm
Nett Weight: 1Kg
Max Pickup Load Appx: 6kg
Colour: Black

Magnet Warning Extremely Powerful Magnets - Keep away from children



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