Steel Balls 3/8″ dia (9.53mm) 10pcs/pack – Not Magnet!


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Steel Balls 3/8″ dia (9.53mm) 10pcs/pack (Not Magnet!)

For Home, Science Lab and Classroom

Build a Simple but Fun Magnetic Gauss Gun a.k.a. Magnetic Rail Gun

The 3 items you need are Cylinder Neodymium Magnets, Steel Balls and PVC Conduit for the path of the gun.

Place 2pcs of cylinder neodymium magnets with 2pcs of steel balls (9.5mm and 12.5mm dia. steel balls were used in this video) for each section, create 3 such section and place them inside the PVC conduit about 7-10cm apart with the steel balls all facing towards the target.

Gently roll a steel ball towards the neodymium magnet of the 1st section and watch the chain reaction from the force created by the pull of neodymium magnet on the steel ball.

The energy get transferred from one section to the next with the final ball “shooting” out from the PVC conduit.

Experiment with more sections, magnets and different sizes of steel balls!

Steel Iron Ball bearings 3/8" dia. (9.53mm dia.)

Steel Iron Ball Bearings 3/8″ dia. (9.53mm dia.)

These common steel balls are not magnets!

However they are ferrous metal that attracts magnets.

Use these for pairing with magnets, science projects or experiments.

These are not toys, small parts object with risk of swallowing, NOT suitable for young children below age of 14 years old.

Caution: Accident risk of causing fall if left unattended on floor or walkway!

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