Magnetic Inkjet Papers

Print and Cut your own magnetic name-cards, photos, posters and emoticons on your inkjet printer…


Industrial Grade N52 Rare Earth Magnets. Extraordinary Power.










Magnetic Pins Large

No drilling of holes, no sticky residue, reusable and easily repositioned…
Disc Magnet 15mm Dia. x 1.5mm

Disc Magnets - Discreet Little Helpers

Disc magnets are great helpers in the kitchen too… holding your metal tongs, scoop or turner as you cook up a storm!

Slim, Strong and Elegant Magnets is The Answers

Home, Office, Kitchen, School, Retail, Workshop, Hobby, Craft, Quick Fix, Hacks, QuikDisc is your handy helper.

Shape Shifting Wonder


Endless amusement as it transforms from a Cube to Hexagon and into a Spinning Sphere.5mm-edged

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Magnets Usage Guide

Discover the many ways Titan Magnetics magnets can help to make life more convenient and productive.
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Magnets Safety

Neodymium magnets power are unlike common magnet. Learn to handle and harness the power Safely and Responsibly.

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