Ring Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets N35, 8odx4idx2mm, 16pcs per pack


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Chromium Plated Neodymium Rare Earth Ring Magnets N35, 8od x 4id x 2mm, 16pcs per pack

Ring Magnets – Not Tiny Donuts!

These special ring neodymium magnets are unique not just because they look like miniature robotic donuts.
For a start they are lustrously Chromium Plated for excellent corrosion protection, they give a white sheen as compared to Nickel plating which has a slightly yellowish tint.
They are also the first among our range of magnets to have a non-countersunk hole, which means it isn’t really great for screw fastening.

So… if its not a donuts and it’s not able to fit a countersunk screw, what use is the hole?

Lets list the usage 🙂
– Magnetic Repulsion
– Magnetic Suspension
– Ball Joints
– Demo Eddy Current
– Sewing

Chromium Plated Ring Magnets Rare Earth D8x4x2mm

Here’s a teeny weeny donuts shaped magnet… ehhh ring magnet

Ring Neodymium Magnets-OD8xID4x2mm - 16pcs

Here’s a bunch of ring magnets, 16 to be exact. Reminds me of POLO Mints.

Ring Shaped Magnets Rare Earth Chrome Plated N35 16pcs

Chromium plated and ready to serve!

Ring Magnet Man Sculpture

Yah, that’s me in the photo… that’s what you’ll look like too when you have donuts for breakfast, lunch, dinner and night snacks.
… and can somebody help me get rid of those coins at my feet? they are like stuck ever since the day I was born! talk about being caught flat-footed.

Neodymium Ring Magnets for Ball Joint

Some call it magnetic ball joints, but it sure looks like body parts to me!

The steel balls are not magnets, on the left are 2pcs of ring magnets on a 7.9mm dia. steel balls, middle and right are ring magnets attached to 9.5mm dia. steel balls

Ring Magnets With Steel Balls

Looks like something out of a sci-fi movie… it’s amazing what a couple of magnets and steel balls can do.

Magnetisation Direction Ring Magnet

D8xID4x2mm Neodymium Ring Magnet Specification

OD: 8mm
ID: 4mm
T: 2mm
Weight: 0.6g appx. (per piece)
Grade: N35
Plating: Cr (Chromium)
Magnetisation: Thru 2mm thickness
Max. Operating Temperature: 80 ° C
Tolerance: ± 0.1 mm

Each pack contains 16 pieces of Ring Neodymium Magnets 8mm outer dia x 4mm inner dia x 2mm thick

Please note that all neodymium magnets are brittle in nature and may break if collide with another neodymium magnet due to the extreme magnetic attraction force. Such breakage and damage caused by inappropriate or careless handling will not be replaced.
Titan Magnetics magnets are checked and stacked tightly together with sufficient padding to prevent breakage during transportation and delivery. Most magnet breakage happens during separation of magnets upon delivery.Recommended (Small Size) Neodymium Magnet Handling, Separation and Combining Method:

Warning: The following instructions are only applicable to small size neodymium magnets, large size neodymium magnets are extremely dangerous and should be handled only with thick gloves by an experienced adults with extreme care!
Small size neodymium magnets may pinch fingers, medium to large size neodymium magnets may injure hands or fingers!
– For new customers who have not experienced or handled neodymium/rare earth magnets. Do Not let any of the separated magnets slip from your fingers due to the magnetic attraction force.- We recommend separating each piece by sliding it side ways and moving it far apart from the stack immediately upon separation.

– Separate the magnets only when you want to use it

– Do not leave indiviual pieces of magnets unattended or loosely on table as any sudden movement may cause the magnets to get close enough and attract to each other.

– Returning or combining small pieces or stacks of neodymium magnets together by firmly holding 2 stacks or pieces firmly in your hands and slowing brining it sufficiently close to determining the attracting polarity.

– Try to let the pieces or stacks gently slide back together instead of allowing the natural magnetic forces to slam the magnets together.

– Some long and slim shaped magnets and sizes are more prone to breakage. Please handle with care.

3 Fast Facts of neodymium magnets

Magnet Warning Extremely Powerful Magnets - Keep away from children


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