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Ultra Thin Metal Disc Base With Adhesive for Attaching Magnets 4pcs/set




These shiny ultra thin metal disc with 3M adhesive back are perfect for those spots that you wish to use magnets on but the surface is anything but metal.

Metal Disc Base for Attaching Magnet usage

Available in 2 sizes:
– Diameter 40mm x 0.7mm thin 4pcs per set
– Diameter 30mm x 0.4mm Ultra slim 4pcs per set
Metal discs only, magnets not included.

Ultra Slim Metal Disc for magnets dia 30mm 4pcs/set

Slim Metal Base for magnets dia 40mm 4pcs set

Can be use with different types of magnets for:
– Attaching small remote controls
– Pinning posters
– Pinning notes
– Hanging face mask
– Hanging bunch of keys
– Hanging hand towel
– Hanging light weight stuff

With it’s convenient peel and stick adhesive back, you can stick these metal discs on flat and smooth surfaces :
– Glass
– Aluminum
– Tiles
– Wood (Smooth painted)
– Hard Plastic (certain types)
In general, most hard surfaces that are clean, flat, smooth and non-porous should work well with these adhesive metal discs.

Surfaces that are Not Suitable (non-exhaustive examples):
– Fabric
– Paper
– Rubber
– Concrete wall
– Curved surface
– Greasy surface
– Textured surface
– Porous surface

Characteristics of thin metal discs as base for attaching magnets.
While a thicker choice of metal will increase the magnetic receptiveness of most magnets, these slim metal discs are intended for home and office use hence, this offers a good balance of appearance and strength. A thick metal disc protruding out just spoils the aesthetic of a pleasing interior, especially if there are downlights that cast a long shadow on any bumps on the wall. These metal disc are slim, practical and sufficient for most home / office usage.

How are the magnetic receptiveness of these slim metal discs compared to magnetic painted wall, iron rubber, thicker metal sheets?
In ascending order of magnetic receptiveness for the following materials (Weakest —> Strongest).
Magnetic painted wall > Flexible Magnetic Sheet > Iron Rubber > Ultra Thin Metal Disc > Thick Metal Sheet > Neodymium Magnet

While the above order of pull force magnetic receptiveness is a simple guide, working with magnets does have a few other factor to consider.
– Directional : Object attached to a wall is subjected to shear force, Object hanging from a ceiling is subjected to pull force
– Surface Area : While magnet to magnet might have the strongest pull force, most cases it is not possible/not necessary or impractical to cover a large wall with neodymium magnets or metal sheet.
– Friction : For attaching objects to a wall (subjected to shear force), sometimes a weaker flexible magnetic tape with a larger contact surface area might work better than a neodymium magnet thanks to the rubbery friction that prevents the object from sliding down, a strong neodymium magnet in some cases might be a tad too hard to detach (pull force) from a metal surface.

Hence, as much as we wish to offer a definite guide on which combination is the best, it is not possible due to the infinite variations in different use cases.
But using the ultra thin metal discs with flexible magnet or pin neodymium magnets to attach flat and light weight objects like air-con remote controls, hanging a bunch of keys, “Pinning” posters or notes, these should work fine… nothing too crazy like “fixing a TV on my wall with enough metal disc and magnets so I need not drill holes..” No No.. ;{

Magnets that are suitable to use with ultra thin metal discs:
For Attaching flat remote controls..
Flexible Magnetic Tape with 3M Adhesive 20mm Width x 2mm Thick
Disc Neodymium Magnets with 3M VHB Adhesive Dia. 20mm x 2mm
Block Neodymium Magnets with 3M VHB Adhesive  20x10x2mm

For Hanging hand towels, bunch of keys, pinning posters or notes etc..
Swivel Hook Magnet Dia. 25mm*
King Pin Magnets
King Pin Junior Magnets
Large Pin Magnets
Small Pin Magnets
Small Hook Neodymium Magnets*
Pot Neodymium Magnets D25mm*
* In case u wish to hang or attach items upside down from a ceiling

Magnets are great for a wide range of applications, but one common problem is that most surfaces are not magnet friendly. Eg. Plastic, copper, brass, glass, ceramic tiles etc…
These thin and small metal discs allows the use of magnets on exactly the best spot conveniently.

Installation Guide:
– Clean surface with alcohol swap to ensure free of grease or dust
– Peel backing paper to expose adhesive
– Attach adhesive side to surface and apply firm pressure for 30 seconds
– Allow adhesive to cure for 48 hours for best result (apply constant pressure by putting a few books or weighted object if possible)
– Disc is now ready to attach magnets (blue protective film can be removed)

Size A – Diameter 40mm x 0.7mm thin 4pcs per set
Size B – Diameter 30mm x 0.4mm Ultra slim 4pcs per set
Front – Blue protective film can be removed
Back – 3M Peel and Stick Adhesive
Metal discs only, magnets not included.

Metal plate for magnets dia 40mm with Adhesive back

Additional information

Disc Size

Dia. 30mm x 4pcs per set, Dia. 40mm x 4pcs per set